Okay, I’ve done ten episodes. Now what?

Serious, Ep 10 just dropped! I’m really happy about it, but not sure where to go next…I mean, really do I keep on keeping on with what I’m doing? Or do I push it and go for sponsors and whatnot. Seriously though, my listeners are sparse, so I think the sponsor thing is a hard […]

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Running late, but Ep #8 is finally UP

My daughter’s birthday, Easter, and work shit have all distracted me this week so the Ep is running a bit late. Regardless, it’s finally up! Good stuff this week, so please tune in! Here’s the playlist: Jane’s Addiction – “Standing in the Shower Thinking” The Virgins – “She’s Expensive” Lamb – “Gorecki” REM – “Finest […]

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Episode #6 is UP

I know I’m late on this, but yes, Ep 6 is officially in the can! Booyah. I can’t tell you how incredibly cathartic it’s been to be able to play music I want to hear and talk about it in any kind of broadcasting format. Seriously, I haven’t been behind a mic in over 20 […]

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Boom. Episode #5. In. The. Can.

It appears that I’m kinda on a roll here… I just wrapped up my 5th episode of the Random Brookermix! I love it. It gives me so much joy to be able to play and talk about music again, even if it’s to a limited audience (hopefully it’ll grow!). Still working out some technical stuff […]

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Random Brookermix #4

Episode # 4 is up and running! Here’s the playlist: Old 97’s – Barrier Reef Hooverphonic – 2Wicky Faithless – Bring My Family Back Concrete Blonde – God is a Bullet Cold War Kids – We Used to Vacation Coldcut – More Beats and Pieces ZTrip – Breakfast Club Dada – Drum Solo/Posters Awreeoh – […]

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Episode #3!

You guys… I just published the third episode of my podcast. I’ve never created anything for three weeks at a time in my entire life! Whew…. what a milestone (wipes brow nervously). Anywho… here’s the show:

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February, 2021

Hi everyone! Echhh….just looking at my site and I realized its been a full year since I updated. I’m terrible. I’d like to blame it on work, but since the pandemic started, I haven’t really “worked” since last April. I’m still getting paid, which is nice, but I’ve overall been pretty non-proactive about… well…anything. Seriously, […]

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Here we are… 2020. Yay?

We did it everyone. We made it. 2020 is here finally and we all finally get jetpacks. Right? Nah. It’s still the same thing. Same vibe. A little more angry. A little more complacent. A bit fatter. Still no new writing from me I see. Cool cool cool… I’m going to attempt to change things […]

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7 Month Check-In

Yep. It’s been seven months since I last wrote on this blog. What a total and complete cluster. I see that back in January I promised a review a month, to keep up with the original theme of this site. Music-centric. As you can see, I’m killing it (reallynotreally). I need to reflect on if […]

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