Here we are… 2020. Yay?

We did it everyone. We made it. 2020 is here finally and we all finally get jetpacks. Right? Nah. It’s still the same thing. Same vibe. A little more angry. A little more complacent. A bit fatter. Still no new writing from me I see. Cool cool cool… I’m going to attempt to change things […]

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7 Month Check-In

Yep. It’s been seven months since I last wrote on this blog. What a total and complete cluster. I see that back in January I promised a review a month, to keep up with the original theme of this site. Music-centric. As you can see, I’m killing it (reallynotreally). I need to reflect on if […]

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2017 Influencers

Three weeks into the new year and I can say that I positively didn’t listen to ANY new music in 2017. What? You ask, incredulously. I know, right? Here’s the thing…for the last few weeks I’ve been looking at everyone’s “Best of 2017” lists in regards to music and to be honest, I’m coming up […]

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Surviving London

I bought my wife a European vacation for her birthday a few months ago. She’s always been an Anglophile, and I thought, what better way to celebrate her 40th birthday than to give her a week in London with the family. In all honesty, I had no idea what to get her for her birthday. […]

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2017 Newness

I posted this previously. Up to almost 3M views! Our new cat Gracie! This time of year is interesting. Does everyone start to take stock of their lives and look for changes that we hope to implement in the new year? Just me? Doubtful. I posted something like this last year. It was kind of […]

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The End of 2016

There’s been a ┬álot of bad press regarding 2016, especially as we prepare to close out the year. Actually, the negativity┬áhas been pretty nonstop for most of the year, with it seeming to culminate into various lists and “Top Ten” articles throughout the interwebs in these final weeks. I get it. You know, I really […]

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As we fast approach the holiday season, I cannot help but be amazed. Amazed at the direction the country/world has taken in the last several months. Amazed at the vitriol. Amazed at the hate. Amazed that, despite the world spiraling in directions we all never thought possible, my outlook is positive. Weird right? Not really, […]

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Talking Slacker Jazz

Last weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite artists: Mike Doughty. Who? You might ask… And if you do, please move along. You’re not wanted here. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Are they gone? Good… Lets get on with it. Anyway, as you all may or may not know, H and I […]

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