It’s true, I am a music snob…

I recently posted something on Facebook regarding the overall shittiness of the music playing in whatever locale I was in at the time.

I think I was at a carwash or something. There were a lot of Mexicans with rags, so, yeah, definitely a carwash.

An old friend of mine (FB friend as well as someone I actually like, which is rare in FB land), commented “Still a music snob! LOL”.

I read his comment and smiled. I’ve always taken some pride in my music snobbery. As someone who has been passionate about music (the listening to, never the performing of. Alas, I have no talent in that particular arena), for the better part of his life, Ive always felt justified in my opinions and have never looked back.

Though, as I get older, and my patience for newer things wanes, I wonder if I am truly the snob I used to be. I often find myself not listening to the “new music” channel on my car stereo (a benefit of SiriusXM, which I will get into in a later post), and gravitating towards the familiar.

Nostalgia maybe?


The purpose of these writings is to explore my thoughts on all things music. My snobbery (or lack thereof). Influences. A few peppered record reviews, maybe.

I’m not really sure at this point. I’d like things to take off organically and see where it leads.

One thing I am fairly certain of, however. Your favorite band sucks, and I know why.

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