Weekends – Fun with the Streaming Interwebs

My weekends usually consist of hours and hours of listening to music in the background whilst the wife and I do whatever domestic nonsense life has thrown our way. I get it from how I grew up. My parents always had some kind of music in the background (usually vinyl) while they did whatever the hell it was they did when they were my age (please note I stopped just short of referencing anything related to domesticicity, or the responsibilities therein. That’s NOT my family).

This is closer to my family...not quite...but you get the idea.

But I digress…I’ll save family ramblings for a later post…

Before this current era of internet goodness, we used to drop in a series of random CDs and just hit shuffle…Always made for a pretty perfect combination of tunes. However, now with Pandora, LastFM or even IHeartRadio connected through the interwebs, its a steady stream (literally) of whatever genres or subgenres we desire.

Amazing. I seriously cannot get enough.

I mean, really. Holy shit. Lets say I’m a big fan of Mike Doughty (which I am). Type his name in and a station automatically generates playing not only his music, but all music related to and similar to his style. So, yeah, I get stuff by Soul Coughing, Cake, solo Doughty stuff, some random singer-songwritery stuff…whatever. What’s even better, is that as the music algorithms are refined, they get more and more intuitive as to your tastes.

It really is amazing, and truth be told, I’m more than a little addicted to it. Ummmm….endless music for free? Automatically adjusts to your tastes? Yes, please.

For those unfamiliar with Mike Doughty:


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