American Idiot

Last Thursday Heather and I finally went out and did something! I swear, we get so caught up in our little routine sometimes, it’s a wonder we ever get out at all.

We are really, really lazy...

Well last week we decided to go out and see a show. Not just a movie, mind you, but an actual performance in a nice theater and everything. I don’t tell many people this, but we are quite the fans of musical theater! It’s really quite a shame we never get out in LA to see some of the great shows that are constantly playing in town. So many opportunities…

Anyway, a few weeks back, Heather got us tickets to go see American Idiot at the Ahmanson Theater in LA. If you are not aware, American Idiot is a play based on Green Day’s concept album from a few years back bearing the same name. Now, the LP itself was pretty good, but to be honest, I’m just not that big a fan of Green Day. I like some of their stuff, and have even seen them in concert, but nothing that would categorize myself as an avid fan or anything. However, it was something different to do and the tickets were pretty cheap, so we picked up a pair and off to the theater we went!

Before leaving, I asked Heather what I should wear:

“You can wear jeans, but definitely wear a nice shirt and nice shoes,” she said. “Even though it’s a Green Day play, it’s still the theater after all.”

Okay fine. Jeans and a nice shirt it is.

I was overdressed.

We get to the Ahmanson and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many torn jeans and concert shirts this side of an actual concert. I mean, really? Emo kids and hipsters everywhere. Godammit it. This is supposed to be the theater! Not a Nascar race!

Anyway, we get up to our seats (somewhat nose-bleedy…I said they were cheap!), and settled in for the show…Once the lights went down, I completely forgot about the rampant casualness in the theater. It was almost two hours with no intermission!

The show ended up being just “meh”. I think, overall, we both liked the performances and overall energy of the production. And the stage was great! But I think, in the end, we are more traditional when it comes to our tastes in theater. Not that it was a bad show, it just wasn’t the best I’d ever seen.

Maybe I should have worn my Chucks.

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