Cloudy day in SoCal today… No real desire to do anything, yet here I sit at work, trying desperately to look busy.

I really need to change my routine. I bought a new pair of running shoes over the weekend, under the assumption that maybe I’ll start running. 

Maybe I will.


I know I need to do something… Everyday I sit at work. Then I go home and sit on the sofa for hours. Every now and again we’ll get out and walk around the mall or something at night, but it’s never really enough to qualify as “exercise”.

All my shirts are beginning to fit weirdly. Like bunching up around my midsection kind of weirdly.

My pants are tight for all the wrong reasons.

Six years ago, I lost 35 pounds. TV, bad food and booze has helped me put it all back.

I’ll be 40 next year.

I really need to do something.


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