Finally an update!

Exclamation points aside, it’s pretty amazing when I have something to update here. Not sure why, either. Maybe I work too much and am just too tired and lethargic to update my posts (save for some random pictures of my dog that I seem to enjoy uploading).

Lola the Poser
This has got to be the prettiest bitch ever.

Maybe my life is boring. Not worthy of being blogged about.

Possibly. Though, Ive wandered through these WP blogs a bit and have some amazing examples of mundanity. If I read another blog about a great appetizer someone tried once, I’ll vomit. “Hey look! My kids and I are at the beach”!  ZZZZZZZZZZZ……

Anyway, here are the bullet point highlights going on in my life now:

  • We have stopped trying to sell our house in Tulsa (for 6 months we had NO nibbles). Trying to rent it out again.
  • As per above item, we are broke.
  • Heather finally got a new manager. After several months of being without, she finally signed with Stein Management. Huzzah! My goal of sponging off my famous wife moves ever closer to fruition.
  • Ive had a couple of job interviews in the last six months. Again, no nibbles. The last interview told me, flat out, in the middle of the interview, “I’m not going to hire you.” Something about being overqualified, brilliant, handsome, etc. Blah.
  • We’re getting closer to the next phase of our life.
  • After three years, we are finally going back to Oklahoma to visit! Actually very excited about this one. Hence the exclamation points!!

As I said, not a lot going on in our lives out here on the Left Coast so far, at least for now. I’ll definitely be posting more soon, as the insipirations come.

Musically, I’ve been really digging Pretty Lights these days. A friend of mine in Minnesota of all places turned me on to them. Total Jamtronica at it’s finest.

Check em’

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