The End of an Era

Shortly after we moved to California in 2005, my Ford Ranger died. Ever the Ford fan, I hesitantly picked up a used 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer:

I picked it up because it was slightly sportier than my old truck and, quite frankly, it was a great deal. I outfitted it with a Sirius Radio and kept up the maintenance and that thing lasted almost forever.

Fast forward 7 years later. I have put 145k miles on it and it has had quite enough. One of my worst fears in California came true last two Fridays ago when my poor aged Lancer broke down on the freeway on the way home. Now I say its one of my worst fears because the freeways are always jammed out here…And if you break down in traffic you are not only yourself screwed, but you run the risk of screwing over roughly thousands of others trying to make it home in the afternoon commute.

Well, I got lucky and the roads weren’t jammed and I was able to coast over to the shoulder. My car got towed and I found out from the mechanic the next day that my car need thousands of dollars worth of repairs. So Heather and I had a long conversation and decided that it was time to get a new ride. Kind of bittersweet actually as I really loved that old car and it was all paid off and now we are going to have to have a car payment again. Buuuuut…It really didnt make any sense to dump thousands into a car that was barely worth the price of the repairs anyway… Balls.

So we went shopping. It was an ordeal that lasted most of the day. But in the end, we ended up picking up the next stage in Brooker automotive evolution:

Ladies and Gents…the 2011 Mitsubishi Galant! (waits for applause)


Yep. Another Mitsubishi. I’ll have to say that I absolutely love these cars. They basically can last forever with the right care. And this one rides soooooo nice.

Plus, as Heather pointed out, it’s probably a better car for a baby car seat.

I plan on driving this one into the ground as well. Just as I did with my sweet, dearly departed Lancer.

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