Run For Your Lives

A couple weeks ago, I ran a 5K. It was a zombie themed run that was similar to many of the popular “tough mudder” runs that are happening now.

Run For Your Lives!

It was crazy and intense, but so much fun!

Some things I learned:

  • Drinking coffee before running is never a good idea.
  • I probably should have trained a bit.
  • I am horribly out of shape.
  • I will die early on in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.
Here I am at the start of the race…So happy and optimistic…
I had no idea what was in store for me…
Muddy logs…
I’m so exhausted here…
Water slide into a bloody chum bath!
Right after crawling under barbed wire and being electrocuted… Oh, and being sprayed with firehoses.
Barely vertical at the end of it. I threw away all of these clothes…

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