Happy (?) New Year

Another year has rolled in and once again I find myself in the same position I was in the year before: in a place of absolutely no change. I’m still at the same job, where thanks to the economy, I am actually making less than the year before. Sooooo…despite a raise and everything this year, I’m somehow in a worse position. How does that work?

As well, we are once again have housing issues… We’ve decided, after a run-in with an incredibly shady property manager and even less than hospitable tenants, that we are going to try to sell our house in Tulsa again. Honestly, we just want to get rid of it… At this point in the game, I’m willing to take a loss as long as it’s something we wont have to deal with on a monthly basis… Too much stress for too little return. This “investment property” of ours has been the worst. Investment. Ever.

On the plus side, in a few short months we’re going to welcome our little girl into the world. I really can’t wait! We’ve been so busy this year setting up her nursery, putting baby registries together and just getting ready for this thing thats just going to completely change our lives, we havent had any time for anything else. So much fun, though!

We’re going to try to get away for a bit before she comes. I’ve booked us a 2-night stay at a spa in Vegas that should be the perfect Babymoon. Its only a few hours away and we can relax one last time before the Brooker Baby!

Soooo….I’ve also resolved to post more this year. With the baby coming and everything else happening in our lives, now’s a good time to commit to blogging…. I guess…. Ive said that before so we’ll see.


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“In Your Light”

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