Getting Ready

In 2 months I’m going to be a father.

While I’ve known this for some time now, occasionally it will sink in and I literally pause whatever I’m doing and let it wash over me. Combined feelings of terror and joy hit me at the same time and I can’t help but shake my head and smile.

In 2 months I’m going to be a father.

It’s weird, right?

We get advice from everybody now. What to do. What NOT to do. The best ways to do this. The worst ways to do that. After several months now, we’ve come to the conclusion that most everyone probably has a point. Our burden, or rather what we choose to do with these nuggets of information, is entirely up to us. In general, taking everything with a grain of salt.

In 2 months I’m going to be a father.

We’re putting together a nursery. Our “home office” has morphed into this office/baby room that now has a crib, changing table, bookshelf and rocking chair all tucked beside our outdated IKEA desk and ever aging iMac. The walls are lilac and cream and our dark red (adult) curtains have been replaced with light green (child) billowing panels of cloth. All in all, it’s coming together pretty perfectly.

In 2 months I’m going to be a father.


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