Six Weeks!

Channing turned 6 weeks old on Friday. It’s crazy how the time flies. She has changed so much already. Heather keeps saying we need to cherish these times that she’s a baby because once they’re gone, that’s it…

Eff that.

Frankly, I can’t wait. I mean, she’s already started sleeping through he night, which is nice. But I’m looking forward to her being a bit older and more fun; more cognizant of her surroundings.


We’re actually also getting to the point now where we can take her out and she behaves beautifully. Yesterday we went to Frida and she sat out there with us and just hung out. Very peaceful.

I think our next step will be to brave going to a movie. We cannot decide, however, on whether or not to try to find a sitter, or be those people that go to a movie with a newborn.

Been listening to a lot of the new Vampire Weekend album lately. Good, solid stuff…

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