Post Memorial Day

 The long holiday weekend is never quite as long as I would like. Seriously, this morning came up on me so fast, its hard getting going.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I was up before 5am for a Channing feeding. : )

Well, we managed to get out to a movie on Saturday. We dropped Chan off at a friend’s house in Burbank and caught IM3 and even had a chance to eat after. While it was great to finally get out an “be normal”, it still felt weird without the little one. Something more to get used to I guess. we’re going to try again this next weekend with another set of friends and see what happens. Bring on Star Trek!

On Memorial Day, we went to a BBQ at some friends’ house. It was nice. And weird. There were sooooo many kids there. All parents and kids talking about this and that. Channing was the youngest one there so she just stayed strapped to my chest in the Bjorn and I just hung out talking to people. It’s good to get out and socialize with other people/parents and whatnot. We definitely are trying to get out of our comfort zone a bit…



Looking cool for her first Memorial Day! Daddy, not so much…

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