We just picked up tickets to the Moby show at the Fonda Theater in October!

I guess he’s playing a few nights in LA and we’ve now got a chance to see him. So cool!

Moby is an artist that I grew to appreciate whilst producing my late night electronica show in my early days of radio (the ‘Redeye’… an early exercise in late night sloth that blossomed into a full fledged show with it’s own following). I was never more than just a casual fan until we picked up Play in early 2000 when we lived in Topeka. We played that album so much, it really became he soundtrack of our lives for a brief time…

To his day, when I hear it, all I can think abut are those early Topeka days of our relationship. Such good times.

Upon moving back to Tulsa, Play was always on our “weekend morning mix”, where I would load five or six CDs and hit “shuffle”. His next album came out too ( ’18’… A similar but slight departure from Play…still quite excellent), and that found its way into the rotation.

Always on the radar, despite slight changes to the music ( some good, some bad), Moby is an artist that I will always call on when in need of good music. For Heather and me, Play was our christening. And while the sound has changed in his music ( as it should), we will always be fans.

As such an integral developmental part of our early relationship and music, I’m so jazzed about seeing the show in October. Granted, it’s standing room only for 3 hours of techno music (as I get older I prefer seating charts to general admission shows), but I think we’ll survive 🙂

Now to find a babysitter for this face:


1 thought on “Moby

  1. Ha! Different tastes, I guess… A lot of his older stuff has sentimental value for me, I guess…

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