Post holidays… Getting back into the game.

Going to attempt to be more focused in 2014…I feel as if I’ve lost the way somehow and am not nearly as productive as I could be.

Some things to focus on:

1) Exercise. I used to hike pretty regularly, but since Lola died, I haven’t really been as into it. In fact, I think I’ve only been hiking once or twice in the 5-6 months since she passed…. Anyway, I need to do something. My shirts are starting to fit funny.

2) My career. Such as it is. I’ve been a bit disillusioned about my career as of late. Pressures at work lately have really made me start to question some things. What am I doing? Am I happy where I am? Yes and no to be honest…. I’ve got some potential opportunities opening up for me after the new year, so maybe we’ll see then…

3) This blog/ music. I’m not nearly as adventurous with music as I used to be. I guess as I get older, I gravitate more towards the comfortable and familiar. I need to change that; mix it up a bit. I definitely need to write here more as well, whether it’s about music or whatever… Writing makes me feel productive.

Going back to #1, I managed to hit the park a bit today… Took some great shots:





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