Fun with Plate Tectonics

More quakes recently… Kinda weird/scary/exciting whatever. Friday night we had a 5.1 a few miles from us that lasted about 10 seconds.

Heather was more freaked out than me about it. She kept saying “Did you feel that? Did you feel that?”

In all honesty, no, I really didn’t feel most of the aftershocks ( of which there were about 4 or 5). Though to be fair, I was drinking at the time, so the best I could do was to see if the wine in my glass was shaking.

Just read an article about how there is about a 5% chance of that quake being a foreshock to a much bigger quake that could happen at any minute.

Thank God we have social media, so we all can be apprised of everyone’s status should that ever happen. Seriously, that’s the first thing we did the other night was to check Twitter to see if everyone else felt what we felt…

It’s so weird when you really think of the inter connectivity of the world these days…

Oh, and still no earthquake kit yet. Here’s a cute pic of my kid though.



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