Mother’s Day

6:45 in the morning on Mothers Day as I write this. I can hear my daughter babble in her crib in one room and my wife lightly snoring in the other.

This is my wife’s second Mother’s Day. I don’t think we’re doing anything special. I bought her a gift and everything, but due to some financial constraints we have now, it’s going to be pretty low key.

Ultimately, I just want her to relax today. She works so hard through the week, and then goes into the station on the weekends and works even more.

Pandora on in the background. It’s tuned to some new station I discovered “Jazz Goes Pop”…. Near as I can tell, it’s jazz renditions of old and new pop standards.

Charlie Hunter Trio currently covering Nirvana’s Come as You Are

That’s weird right? I’m not totally sold on it, but for an early morning soundtrack, I guess I could pick worse 😉.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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