Migrant labor

There are two strangers in my house now recarpeting the back two bedrooms. I’m holed away right now in the living room, listening to Pandora, drinking coffee & trying not to make eye contact.

Pretty sure one of them pooped in the bathroom already. Not sure, but he was in there a long time. Ew.

This is all part of the redoing of the floors of our house that the landlord said would not inconvenience us at all. Bullshit. It is the very definition of inconvenience.

It’s been over two weeks since this shit started. Still a pile of garbage on our front porch that needs to be hauled away. Floors still unfinished.

My wife thinks this is the landlord’s passive aggressive attempt to get us to move out. Maybe. Dick move on his part, if that’s the case…

Meanwhile, I sit in the living room in silence. I don’t speak Spanish so it wouldn’t do me any good to talk to them anyway.

Here’s a picture of my kid. The new floors are in the background. Meh.


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