LIfe, in a nutshell…

The issue is that my lack of continuous updates leaves me in a state of perpetual paralysis when it comes to finally doing something with this blog. Life updates. Funny updates. Observational updates. Lots of pressure, right?

Anyway… Here are some big goings-on in this thing I’ve been calling life:

  1. We moved. Yes, after 9 years in the same little two-bedroom house we’ve officially jumped ship into a much more compatible 3-bedroom. Bonus: we finally have a dishwasher. Now we don’t have to wash dishes in the sink like poor people.
  2. My new job. I’ve officially transitioned into the world of Financial Consulting. Right now I’ve been placed at a fitness company in El Segundo doing work in Demand Planning. It’s not quite Finance, but it’s definitely fleshing out my resume nicely. And, it’s not rocket science by any means. I go in, do my work and get out. There’s no more unpaid overtime and I can focus on the job at hand without getting caught up in the politics of a normal office environment. The  reduction in my stress levels is amazing. Also, apparently I’m KILLING IT here. This week they came to me and basically offered me a full time Senior Manager position. I didn’t take it, but I think it says something that they want me in the long-term after only about 6 weeks into the contract (read: it says that I’m awesome).
  3. My wife’s career. It’s taking off!! She’s booked so many gigs in the last month or two and she just booked another one last week… So much success, we feel so incredibly blessed 🙂
  4. My little girl hit the 18 month mark. She is growing so fast, it really is amazing.  On the downside, terrible twos are right around the corner. I’ve heard horror stories…

So far, she’s awesome….

We have a yard now too!

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