The Grind

It’s amazing to me how after a weekend of “rest and relaxation” I come back to work feeling even more tired than before…

There are some factors involved, I’m sure:

  • Getting up at 5am. Every. Day… My new commute warrants me coming into work at 7am and leaving at 4pm. This is beneficial in that I am now home in time to have dinner with my family and spend some quality time with them – something I was lacking in my old job. However, it also involves me waking up at 5am, leaving the house by 6 or so and commuting for an hour to get to the office. By the end of the week, I’m drained…
  • Lack of movement. Shit, I’ve got such a sedentary lifestyle. I’m in front of a computer all day, then at home I’m sofa bound, then bed. I track my steps on a daily basis (trying to keep above 5-10k steps per day), but it is becoming clearly obvious I need to do more.
  • Overall healthy lifestyle. I eat like shit. This, in turn plays into the general quality of how I feel, sleep, etc. I drink a bit on the weekends, which probably doesn’t help at all either.

I think I need to do a cleanse or something to recharge/refresh/restart. Maybe a fast? I’ve heard those can work wonders. However, when my blood sugar gets too low, I get incredibly hangry… Not sure if I have the stamina to do something like that…

Regardless, something needs to happen. Soon. Blarg.

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