Life is good…

Since we last spoke, a couple of things have happened…

1) I had a birthday.


I know, as we get older these things don’t really mean as much, and its true. So I had a very low-key day capped of by a wonderful dinner out with friends. Couldnt have been better!

The outside patio at Katsuya


I highly recommend Katsuya.. Such good food and a wonderful atmosphere. Their Wafu Carbonara is the bomb diggity.

Courtesy of Boogie’s Bake Shoppe!


Forty two is a weird age, especially at this time in my life. I mean, I have a toddler, a constantly fluctuating job (more on that later) and I live in LA. I think that NOW me is what THEN me wanted a long time ago and never really knew it…

2) My job has changed!

Finally the shitty commute I was dealing with in driving to and from El Segundo every day is over. My contract with Beachbody was done on the 17th. Then with basically zero downtime, I started consulting at AEG on the 20th.

It’s a really refreshing change. Mot only has my commute been cut in half, but I’m now immersed in the Finance world I have so become accustomed to (it sounds dry, I know, but it really is a relief completely understanding what I’m doing and killing every task they have me do).

AEG is huge, with properties and investments all over the world. So, the exposure I’m getting on an international level is unparalleled. It’s supposed to be a relatively short assignment, but we’ll see. The last one was only supposed to be three months and ended up lasting eight!

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