Music Streaming – Slacker

Getting through the workday can be hard. Impossible, actually, if I didnt have some sort of music to listen to.

At my old gig, I would just plug in my iPod and listen to whatever playlist I had loaded. This was a solid solution to the no-music problem, but the songs would get old after awhile as I have found that I am incredibly lazy refreshing my iPod.

Other solution? Stream it. So many options to choose from, however… Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, LastFM….etc….etc. I even tried Google’s lame attempt at streaming (did NOT last).

AARGH! So many choices!!!!


I stumbled across another cool one a week or so ago. Slacker Radio (bottom right icon, if you care).

So far, on the free version Ive been sampling, it has excellent genre stations as well as a great variety. No repeats as far as I can tell (cant say the same for Spotify) despite playing it almost constantly for 8 hours a day.

At home I traditionally go to Pandora or even Stingray (the streaming service that Uverse has available…Its not terrible, but has very little control as to selecting music preferences. Basically just dial up a genre and there you go. It works in a pinch I guess).

Anyway, the service is great and overall I think its very interesting how each of these stations tries to differentiate themselves from one another. There’s a good breakdown of many of these services here, though the article does leave out stations that play music in a radio based format (my personal favorite).

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