Father’s Day – slight rant

Another Father’s Day in the books. Boom. Did it.

This was my second one in as many years. I can’t tell you how humbled and blessed I feel to be able to call my self a father. It sounds cheesy, I know. But the truth is, well, just that. The truth. I’m incredibly lucky and blessed.


I was scanning the usual social media outlets out of boredom on Sunday, and I noticed an unusual trend. In several posts, across several networks (FB, Twitter, etc) there were shout outs to “all the single moms” out there for Fathers Day. Right. The MOMS were being wished a Happy Father’s Day.


Don’t get me wrong. I applaud all the single mothers out there. Hell, this business is hard enough with two people, let alone taking it on alone (for whatever reason). My own mother was a single mom and I am forever in awe of what she accomplished and sacrificed.

I get it, they should be appreciated.

But didn’t we do this already? On Mother’s Day?

I was really at a loss as I scrolled through the feeds and saw these posts. Why should Father’s Day be co-opted to include single moms? Every fiber of my being wanted to respond to these posters with some snarky anti-PC comment…


Probably not the right thing to say, yeah?

I made a pact with myself long ago to not get into internet fights. I’ve seen too many actual friendships implode on social media through out of context commentaries and opinions. Its not worth it to argue with a faceless troll about a topic that incenses me at the moment. Just breathe. This too shall pass.

And it did. I also saw that many online were in the same boat as me: confused, annoyed, angry…whatever. However, these fine folks made no such pact with themselves about online arguing. I was able to, by proxy, vent my frustrations through their not-so veiled opinions about the overly PC trend I was witnessing.


So now I’m back to fully appreciating the day for what it is. A celebration of me. Yes, me.

In short, we didn’t do anything overly special. There were no huge, magnanimous gestures. I got some nice shirts. I also got some nice meats. I went to church with my family. I had a delicious (and wholly unhealthy) lunch. I drank some beer. I hung out with my daughter.


A pretty perfect day.

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