Progress Report…oh…and Andrew McMahon

Almost three weeks into the new year at this point and here we go…

Most things I talked about in my last post have been pretty well covered.

  • Less boozy booze – Sure, okay. If you say so. Don’t judge me.
  • More focus on my work – I’m currently writing this while at work. Does that count?
  • Travel – We’ve talked about taking a trip a couple of times.
  • Weight loss – I’ve been to the gym once. That was a week ago. My arm hurts.
  • Music – AHA!! I did pick up some new music… Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

Really great pop music actually. Terribly anthematic and incredibly catchy. I once defined for H (as I watched her eyes glaze over at my musical pontification) that the definition of a good pop song is one of those songs you hear for the first time and before it’s over you know all the words of the chorus.

That is what this album is all about.Great stuff. I actually listened to the whole thing while working out. Killer hooks without being too overall poppy (which, admittedly, can be a big turn off to most).

If you’re familiar with Jack’s Mannequin (of which I am barely) and Something Corporate (not at all), my understanding is that this album is right along those lines. Coming into it new, as I was, was a pleasant experience.

Unlike this video, which is terrible.



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