The year is flying by.

Seriously, we’re already in the beginnings of March. What happened? Life, I guess. Work, eat, drink, rest, repeat. Drink again.

I may have mentioned I’m joining HB on the MIH15By15. Three months into the year, and I haven’t budged. Not sure what the issue is, really. I’ve actually started going back to the gym and taking weekend hikes again. I’m eating in constantly and have (at least I think) actually started watching what I’m eating. Ugh.

Some things that may help:

Exercise. Maybe too little, too late? Not sure. I think what I have to do is actually focus a bit more on the this part of the equation. I’ve been wearing a FitBit for the last year and my daily step goal has been set at 10k steps. I think I hit it maybe 60% of the time. Yes, I’ve been going back to the gym. I’m averaging once a week. Maybe I get around to hiking on the weekends if I have time. Okay…soooo…seeing it print like that makes me realize I need to step things up a bit.

Diet. Yes, I have been eating better because we are eating a lot more at home. I come home for lunch 3-4 days a week now because I’m working so close to home. Still, I’m not exactly counting calories. Maybe I should fast?

Ugh. That sounds horrible.

Drinking. Fuck off.

Sooo, it seems its the usual culprits that are hindering me from my weight goals. I think, in all seriousness, if I focus a bit more and devote some time and energy to it instead of passively half-assing my efforts, I should see some results. Maybe not the 15 by 15, but something. Right?

Anywho….picked up some great music I wont pontificate too much on. I highly recommend The National – “Trouble Will Find Me”. So good, but a very specific, albeit somber vibe. Great imagery though…Trouble Will Find Me







Also, if you like some smooth jams, Glass Animals – “Zaba” is as silky as they come. Think about it as a jam sound, but with a decidedly laid back vibe. Not too deep, just smooth listening. Its really cool stuff.


And don’t even get me started on this guy:


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