Talking Slacker Jazz

Last weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite artists: Mike Doughty.

Who? You might ask… And if you do, please move along. You’re not wanted here.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Are they gone? Good… Lets get on with it.

Anyway, as you all may or may not know, H and I just celebrated our 15 year anniversary. We went to Napa. Good wine. Good food. Everything was awesome.

The thing is, she once again outdid me in the whole gift-giving thing. You see, I had thought that THE TRIP was going to be our gift to each other. Well, she found a loophole. We never mentioned that gifts that cost nothing were still on the table. Balls.

Now, my wife runs the highly successful podcast, Motherhood in Hollywood. Through it, she is able to contact various people to interview. Mike Doughty was one of those people.

She totally surprised me when she told me he was going to be a guest on the podcast. I alternated between giggling like and schoolboy and weeping like a schoolgirl for about two hours after she told me. Ridiculous, I know.

However, not really. You see, Mike Doughty has been a favorite of both of us for several years now. We’ve seen him several times here in LA and will probably continue to see him more whenever he passes through. His music just resonates with us and his songwriting is always top shelf. Even his covers bear the unmistakable stamp of Doughty-ness.

You may remember the mid 90’s Alt-rock ensemble Soul Coughing. They had a few mainstream hits with “Circles“, “Super Bon Bon“, and “Soft Serve” to name a few. They had a few great albums, but eventually went the way most bands do and dissolved in early 2000.

Mike Doughty was their front-man with the unmistakable voice.

Fast forward 16 years and almost 20 solo albums later, and Mike Doughty is sitting in my dining room talking to me and H about making experimental music in Memphis and pour-over coffee.

A bit over processed on this one I know…

It was surreal to say the least, but so great. He was genuinely interesting to talk to and incredible nice and complimentary.

I’ve had worse Saturdays.

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Just hanging out with famous people. Like you do.


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