As we fast approach the holiday season, I cannot help but be amazed.

Amazed at the direction the country/world has taken in the last several months.

Amazed at the vitriol. Amazed at the hate.

Amazed that, despite the world spiraling in directions we all never thought possible, my outlook is positive.

Weird right?

Not really, I suppose. I mean, I read all the hate and overall toxicity that exists on the various social media platforms and news channels. Some of it is well founded hate. Most, however, is just knee jerk reactions from a very tired/angry/scared populace. On all sides.

I don’t contribute. I don’t believe its fruitful or necessary to have the world aware of my documented opinion of everything that happens on a daily basis. This isn’t “sticking my head in the sand” or “avoiding conflict”.

It’s preserving my sanity. You see, I believe in knowledge. I believe in understanding what’s going on in the world. I also believe in having an opinion. However, that opinion is mine. I don’t really care who else knows about it. I don’t feel entitled to share it to the masses.

The masses mean nothing to me. Their opinions don’t matter to me.

Retweeting someone else’s thoughts on issues is stupid. Sharing a meme that someone else created is also stupid. These things mean nothing.

This holiday season is going to be a small one in my house. Unintended expenses, coupled with an expensive November (thanks, wife birthday!) have crippled our finances a bit. Presents under the tree are going to be a bit fewer than in years’ past.

This is fine.

I have my family. I have a beautiful wife who loves and understands me. I have an amazing daughter who fills both our worlds with joy and innocence on a daily basis.

Joy. Innocence. Love.

These are things the world seems to be lacking right now.

I have it in spades. For that, I am thankful and blessed.

And amazed.




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