The End of 2016

There’s been a  lot of bad press regarding 2016, especially as we prepare to close out the year. Actually, the negativity has been pretty nonstop for most of the year, with it seeming to culminate into various lists and “Top Ten” articles throughout the interwebs in these final weeks.

I get it. You know, I really do. 2016 has really been a bummer for most. Celebrity deaths abound, Syria, the election, etc etc… It’s tough. Even a pragmatist like myself cannot help but shake my head in wonder at the overall shitstorm this year has become.

But please, can we stop with the memes?

Seriously the “Me at the start of 2016 vs Me at the end of 2016” nonsense is getting a bit out of hand. Quite frankly I’m also getting a bit tired of the “Fuck 2016” (or some derivation thereof) status updates that continually sprout up every time something remotely bad happens anywhere to anyone.

I know. I’m being a curmudgeon.

“Get off my lawn you kids!”

“Your music is too loud!”

I get that these are coping mechanisms that people put out on social media to help them along. They get likes. They get happy. That’s how we operate now, right?

Don’t care, actually. These things annoy me to tears. Arguably, there are some pretty creative themes that I actually find myself chuckling at. Maybe it’s my own lost lack of creativity that I find annoying and I am secretly jealous that I didn’t come up with these things first. Maaaaaayyyyybe….

No. It’s a year, people. Stop accentuating the negative. Try focusing on your own destinies and make the next one that much brighter.

The world is rapidly becoming a shittier place to be in. Most of that is our own perception. Lets’s focus on some good things for a change.


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