2017 Newness

I posted this previously. Up to almost 3M views! Our new cat Gracie!

This time of year is interesting. Does everyone start to take stock of their lives and look for changes that we hope to implement in the new year? Just me? Doubtful.

I posted something like this last year. It was kind of a “resolutions” post. Though, it wasn’t really about resolutions as much as it was about goals. How’d I do? Poorly, it seems.

  1. The first item on my 2016 goals was “less boozy booze”. I even challenged myself to a “Dry January”. That lasted about a week and a half before I found myself, yet again, home alone on a Saturday night watching shit TV and crawling into a bottle (or two) of wine. Old habits die hard, I guess.
  2. Second item was “More Focus on Work”. Some success here. My contract has been extended with Disney for another six months. Yay! That means my wonderful commute will continue through at least part of 2017. Honestly, that’s the thing I like the most about this particular assignment. So as far as “focus” is concerned, I guess its about on par with last year…
  3. Travel – Nope. But I did plan something big for 2017!
  4. Weight loss – Fuuuuuuuuuuuck me. Image result for demotivator weight loss
  5. Music – I did buy more music in 2016. Some pretty random stuff actually. Throughout the course of the year I picked up:
    1. Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness. I actually talked about it here.
    2. Atmosphere “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold Pretty solid hip-hop from this Minneapolis crew. Good storytelling. Currently in rotation.
    3. Band of Horses “Why Are You OK”  I love this band. Somewhat back-country ballady indie rock. Heard an interview with them on SiriusXM and had to get the LP.
    4. Bran Van 3000 “Greatest Hits” This group came back into my orbit after I heard this “Drinking in LA” on some random Spotify channel. So good. So 90’s.
    5. C2C “Tetra” Random turntablism that attracted my interest early in the year. It actually got old fast.
    6. DJ T-Rock and Squashy Nice “Rock and Squash Techniques” More turntablism, though this one is a bit more fun than C2C.
    7. Mike Doughty “The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns”  One of my favorite artists. Heather and I interviewed him for the MIH podcast. So much fun! I talked about it here.

I’m sure there was more music, but these were the big ones, I guess. Pretty random right?

So, for 2017, more of the same I guess. Though I’m not going to be too hard on myself about my goals. Less drinking and weight loss are still there, on top of the list, to be frank. However, we’ll see where they fall out. I mean, I like my habits. I might need to modify them a bit. But I still like them.

I DO need to exercise more though. Nothing regimented. Just movement. I need to find ways to move. Walking and hiking appear to be my jams, but finding the time is so hard these days (parenting issues).

Lets see how it goes, yeah?



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