2018…*tap tap*… Is this thing on?

Happy New Year everybody! Time for the longstanding tradition of checking in with my blog after the New Year and realizing I haven’t touched this thing since March.

Well, shit. Seriously, the last thing I wrote about was our trip to Europe. Geeez.

I’m glad I don’t use this blog to make money, or I’d be pretty destitute. I seriously think the only reason why I keep it around is because I don’t want to lose the domain name. It’s a solid name.

Truth be told, I am planning a few posts for the new year and beyond. I’ve actually had some ideas and hope to get them out post haste.

My goal for content? Maybe twice a month…

Wait. That seems aggressive, considering my history of content production. Fuck it. Twice a month. Yeah, we’ll see.

I hope more music related content will be coming as well. That was the initial point of this juggernaut anyway.

Anyway Happy 2018! More soon…

Here’s a pic of Guns and Roses to tide you over


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