2017 Influencers

Three weeks into the new year and I can say that I positively didn’t listen to ANY new music in 2017.

What? You ask, incredulously.

I know, right?

Here’s the thing…for the last few weeks I’ve been looking at everyone’s “Best of 2017” lists in regards to music and to be honest, I’m coming up blank. I mean, I’ve heard (most) of the artists listed and am even familiar with (a few) of the songs, but ultimately haven’t cared enough to really digest them.

It’s timing really. I’ve been caught up in work and family nonsense. So, seriously, I fall back on old habits, which is basically saying I’ve been streaming everything.

And what have I been streaming? You may ask…

Well obviously not the latest shit. Seriously, I fall back to the standards constantly: downtempo, trip-hop, 00’s indie, ’90s alt, etc.


I’m a music snob. But only on my own terms.

Here’s the rub. I’m in a bubble. I need to expose myself (hehe) to more music and most definitely make a point of knowing more “new” music.

Ugh. That means I actually have to focus on something.

I like just tuning out and streaming sweet sweet comfortability better. But alas, I feel I’d be doing a disservice.

So here’s what’s up… Due to my lack of pickup of ANYTHING new last year ( seriously, it’s sad), I’ll review a new album monthly this year. Between those posts, I’ll try to enlighten you on other great shit I’m listening to.

Sound like a plan? Yay!

Aaaaaaaaand I’m already late. I’ll update again next week. And I’ve got some ideas on some great filler material as well…

Thanks for playing along. I’ll see you guys soon!!

Here ‘s a pic of my kid in London.

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