February, 2021

Hi everyone! Echhh….just looking at my site and I realized its been a full year since I updated. I’m terrible. I’d like to blame it on work, but since the pandemic started, I haven’t really “worked” since last April. I’m still getting paid, which is nice, but I’ve overall been pretty non-proactive about… well…anything.

Seriously, I don’t “do” anything. I cook and I clean and I basically have relegated myself into this house husband identity thing which is fine, albeit incredibly boring and repetitious.

I love my family, and I love my house. But fuck, man.

My wife, through her profound wisdom and crazy concern for me suggested that I needed to do something. Something for my well being. Something to elevate myself out of the weird depression that I was slipping into. That’s right. Depression.

I’ve always considered myself to be very strong emotionally and mentally. However, 10+ months doing nothing but housework and school work with my daughter pays a heavy toll. I was feeling down. I was unmotivated. I didn’t really care about anything. Life became “Meh”.

Job = Identity. I wasn’t working actively at my job. Thus, I was losing my identity. I really didn’t know what I was doing anymore.

My wife to the rescue (insert heart emoji here).

My first passion outside of family is music. I don’t play. It’s why I started this blog. I like listening, studying and talking about music. I don’t know, maybe I was meant to be a critic or something. Regardless, she suggested to me that I start a music podcast.

What? A podcast? Isn’t that “her” thing?

Yes. Yes it is. And because of her expertise and research, I was able to do this:

It’s a podcast. It’s a radio show. Still in development. But I’m having fun with it. It’s definitely a distraction in these distracted times.

I love my wife. And I’m glad she pushed me in the areas I needed to be pushed.

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*Also, be a Premium Spotify user. Then you get full access to all the songs.

It’s $10. Suck it up.

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