Boom. Episode #5. In. The. Can.

It appears that I’m kinda on a roll here… I just wrapped up my 5th episode of the Random Brookermix!

I love it. It gives me so much joy to be able to play and talk about music again, even if it’s to a limited audience (hopefully it’ll grow!).

Still working out some technical stuff and reacquainting myself with the rhythms of talking on mic again, but so far I really think it’s coming together…

Here’s this week’s playlist:

Uncle Tupelo – Still Be Around

Guadalcanal Diary – Always Saturday

Material Issue – Kim The Waitress

A3 – Mao Tse Tung Said

Luscious Jackson – Ladyfingers

Mutemath – Typical

Royksopp – Eple

Ben Folds – Army (Live)

Crystal Method – Comin’ Back

Regina Spektor – On The Radio


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