Episode #6 is UP

I know I’m late on this, but yes, Ep 6 is officially in the can! Booyah.

I can’t tell you how incredibly cathartic it’s been to be able to play music I want to hear and talk about it in any kind of broadcasting format. Seriously, I haven’t been behind a mic in over 20 years (if you listen, you can tell!). It’s nice to rediscover that weird comfort zone.

More importantly, it’s the stories. I try to find a story or connection with everything I play. The connection I have with music, I’ve realized, is so profound and integral to my life I’ve come to realize that there has been no point in my life where music was not prevalent. Whether in the background of my childhood, or blaring in my headphones at work, it’s given me strength. Hell, it’s given me everything, if that makes sense.

So for Ep #6, here’s the playlist:

The Posies – King Midas in Reverse

Terry Allen – Give Me a Ride to Heaven Boy

Skye – Tell Me About Your Day

Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie

Haim – The Wire

Calvin Harris – Vegas

Pulp – Common People

UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights

One Giant Leap – Braided Hair

Marian Hill – One Time

DJ T Rock and Squashy Nice – The Fugue

Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

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