Okay, I’ve done ten episodes. Now what?

Serious, Ep 10 just dropped! I’m really happy about it, but not sure where to go next…I mean, really do I keep on keeping on with what I’m doing? Or do I push it and go for sponsors and whatnot. Seriously though, my listeners are sparse, so I think the sponsor thing is a hard get, but we’ll see. More to come!

Here’s the playlist:

The Ramones: “Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio”

Lily Allen: “The Fear”

LCD Soundsystem – “North American Scum”

Whiskeytown – “16 Days”

Liz Phair – “Never Said”

The Front Bottoms – “Skeleton”

Deltron 3030 – “Positive Contact”

Del The Funky Homosapien – “Mistadobalina”

Placebo – “Running Up That Hill”

Barenaked Ladies – “The Old Apartment”

Mc Frontalot – “Your Friend Wil”

Hey guys, reach out if you have any suggestions or requests. Either here or try me at randombrookermix@gmail.com.



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