I did it.

I meant to update this sooner with my progress. But, I landed a gig! I’m about two weeks into it now. So now I can continue into 2023 fully employed and hopefully regain some sense of normalcy in my life. It’ll be slow going I fear, but at least it’s forward momentum.

What job did I get, you ask? Well, essentially it’s another consulting job, very similar to the one I had previously. However, the corporation I signed with is a lot bigger than the one previous. They actually have a complex corporate structure with multiple offices throughout the country. I’ll still be working out of LA, but there will be potential national clients to work with as well.

Perfectly in my wheelhouse/ comfort zone.

Plus, I’m actually getting paid my worth now. Not that my other gig was terrible or anything, but I’ve realized now just how drastically underpaid I was for my work. And they gave me a signing bonus! What? I know!

Still sober. Still focused. Moving forward.

I hope I can keep up my momentum.

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