The End of 2016

There’s been a  lot of bad press regarding 2016, especially as we prepare to close out the year. Actually, the negativity has been pretty nonstop for most of the year, with it seeming to culminate into various lists and “Top Ten” articles throughout the interwebs in these final weeks. I get it. You know, I really […]

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As we fast approach the holiday season, I cannot help but be amazed. Amazed at the direction the country/world has taken in the last several months. Amazed at the vitriol. Amazed at the hate. Amazed that, despite the world spiraling in directions we all never thought possible, my outlook is positive. Weird right? Not really, […]

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Talking Slacker Jazz

Last weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite artists: Mike Doughty. Who? You might ask… And if you do, please move along. You’re not wanted here. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Are they gone? Good… Lets get on with it. Anyway, as you all may or may not know, H and I […]

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The year is flying by. Seriously, we’re already in the beginnings of March. What happened? Life, I guess. Work, eat, drink, rest, repeat. Drink again. I may have mentioned I’m joining HB on the MIH15By15. Three months into the year, and I haven’t budged. Not sure what the issue is, really. I’ve actually started going […]

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Happy New Year

2016 is here.  Shouldn’t we have jetpacks by now? Anyway, to continue the forward momentum I’m trying to establish, I thought I’d chat a moment about the New Year. Resolutions. I’m not too sure I believe in them anymore. Chalk this one up under the litany of articles you’ve read about the failures and successes […]

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Heading into the New Year

It’s been forever since I’ve checked into this blog. I said it before, but inspiration is hard to come by… I mean, how many pics of my family can I put up without it getting seriously repetitive? As we once again usher in a new year, I’m going to try to update more (I know, […]

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