Happy New Year

2016 is here.  Shouldn’t we have jetpacks by now? Anyway, to continue the forward momentum I’m trying to establish, I thought I’d chat a moment about the New Year. Resolutions. I’m not too sure I believe in them anymore. Chalk this one up under the litany of articles you’ve read about the failures and successes […]

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Heading into the New Year

It’s been forever since I’ve checked into this blog. I said it before, but inspiration is hard to come by… I mean, how many pics of my family can I put up without it getting seriously repetitive? As we once again usher in a new year, I’m going to try to update more (I know, […]

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Consultancy Comparisons

With this new adventure I’m on, I’m constantly comparing it to my previous life as an exempt, full-time employee. Why the comparisons? Not sure really… It’s instinctual. I guess maybe part of me is trying to justify the move to myself. Did I make the right decision? Am I serving myself and my family appropriately […]

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