Consultancy Comparisons

With this new adventure I’m on, I’m constantly comparing it to my previous life as an exempt, full-time employee. Why the comparisons? Not sure really… It’s instinctual. I guess maybe part of me is trying to justify the move to myself. Did I make the right decision? Am I serving myself and my family appropriately […]

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Music Streaming – Slacker

Getting through the workday can be hard. Impossible, actually, if I didnt have some sort of music to listen to. At my old gig, I would just plug in my iPod and listen to whatever playlist I had loaded. This was a solid solution to the no-music problem, but the songs would get old after […]

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Life is good…

Since we last spoke, a couple of things have happened… 1) I had a birthday. Whoop. I know, as we get older these things don’t really mean as much, and its true. So I had a very low-key day capped of by a wonderful dinner out with friends. Couldnt have been better!   I highly […]

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So, I’m rapidly approaching my sixth month into my first contract. What was once sold to me as a “quick 2-3 month” term has blossomed into what will potentially be a 6-7 month thing. They like me! They really like me! Or…they’re just desperate… Hard to believe I’ve been putting up with this ridiculous commute […]

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My automatic renewal date for this blog came up and was summarily declined. I had forgot that my payment card of choice was replaced in the last year due to some ridiculous hacker attempt on my account… Consequently, when WP tried to auto renew my account, they were declined. Thus prompting the slew of emails […]

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