Consultancy Comparisons

With this new adventure I’m on, I’m constantly comparing it to my previous life as an exempt, full-time employee. Why the comparisons? Not sure really… It’s instinctual. I guess maybe part of me is trying to justify the move to myself. Did I make the right decision? Am I serving myself and my family appropriately […]

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Music Streaming – Slacker

Getting through the workday can be hard. Impossible, actually, if I didnt have some sort of music to listen to. At my old gig, I would just plug in my iPod and listen to whatever playlist I had loaded. This was a solid solution to the no-music problem, but the songs would get old after […]

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Life is good…

Since we last spoke, a couple of things have happened… 1) I had a birthday. Whoop. I know, as we get older these things don’t really mean as much, and its true. So I had a very low-key day capped of by a wonderful dinner out with friends. Couldnt have been better!   I highly […]

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